The manufacturers of these hoop systems provide guidelines on how to use either water or sand for filling the base. Generally, most companies recommend sand over water.

There are a number of factors for you to look at to determine what you should use to fill the base.

  • Stability: If your priority is the stability of the basketball system, then you should opt for sand. It is heavier than water and creates less vibration during play. Also, if you plan on putting the goal in a single area without moving it, then sand would be your best choice.
  • Regular Emptying: Some people need to empty out their basketball base regularly. This could be because they move around a lot or maybe they just like to keep the water in the base fresh to avoid mold. In any case, the best choice here would be water. Emptying out the water is as simple as tilting the base over with the cap off.
  • Weather: Cold weather is probably the biggest concern when filling up your basketball base with water. If it drops below freezing, the water in your base may freeze and expand. Eventually the plastic will crack causing the base to leak. This is the main reason why people living in areas with colder climates tend to choose sand as the main filler. However, there is a way to use water while living in a cold climate. All you have to do is add some general purpose antifreeze to your basketball base.